Lycksele Pattern Suede Palm Swedish Mittens
Lycksele Pattern Suede Palm Swedish Mittens
Lycksele Pattern Suede Palm Swedish Mittens

Lycksele Pattern Suede Palm Swedish Mittens

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Imported from Sweden, Ojbro Vantfabrik mittens are designed by Ase Ojbro who takes her inspiration from traditional Swedish folklore. Ase and her husband Ted, produce a limited number of 100% organic merino wool mittens in their small family factory. Mittens are so warm that they come with a yellow and red caution label:  ”Varning Varma Vantar” (Warning Warm Mitten). Perfect for Canadian Winters!
The Lycksele pattern is inspired by traditional Sami folk art in Lapland and named after the first community formed south of Lapland in 1607. Lycksele celebrated its 400 year anniversary in 2007 and has always been known as an important meeting place. 
  • Extremely Warm and wind resistant! Ojbro Mittens are made with 4 different layers of insulation that keep the wind out and make you feel cozy and warm. Never face the pain of  frozen fingers or Frostbite again. Ojbro mittens are wind resistant but unlike other wind proof mittens and gloves your hands and fingers will still be able to breathe and won't get sweaty.
  • Extremely Soft! Ojbro 100% Merino wool mittens are lined with a lush and extra soft tricot fleece that will envelop you from your fingers to your wrists. 
  • Extremely thick! Canadian Winters are cold eh!  Most gloves and mittens in the market are just not warm enough. That’s why you will want these extra thick mittens with it's 4 different layers.
  • Extremely Durable! Made in small batches by Ase and Ted Öjbro in their small family factory these gorgeously woven mittens are so perfectly knitted and designed to endure years of wear and tear. You will enjoy them for many years to come.
  • Extremely beautiful! All patterns are carefully designed by Ase Öjbro taking inspiration from traditional Scandinavian Folk Art and Traditions. Each pattern has its own Nordic story to tell. 

Mittens come in 3 different sizes.  Please refer to sizing chart on picture number 2 to choose the best fit for you. 

  • Small (Mindre) Fits most Women with Petite hands. Corresponds approximately to glove size 6.
  • Medium (Lagom) Fits most women and many men. Corresponds approximately to glove size 7–9.

  • Large ( Rejäl) corresponding to size 10–11. 

Sizes can lightly differ between different models because of the design. For example, some Ekshärad designs are a little shorter and Lycksele designs are slightly tighter than others, due to a higher number of threads. Also Mittens should feel a bit large when you try them for the first time as wool molds to your hand shape after a while.