FAQ - Mittens

  • Why are “Warning: Warm Mittens” so warm/comfortable?

Because 4 layers of insulation trap air within each level making for the warmest mittens!

  • Are they windproof?

No, but they are wind resistant, i.e., they impede the wind thanks to the combination of four different materials in the mittens.

  • Aren’t the thumbs too long?

No, they should be long because wool adapts to body-shape after a while. If the thumbs are too tight, they can easily tear where the thumbs are attached to the mittens.

  • "Lagom" Size?

A medium Swedish size that fits most women and many men. Corresponds approximately to glove size 7–9.

  • Other sizes?

Yes, there is a larger mitten corresponding to size 10–11, and a smaller corresponding to size 6, but medium is suitable for most.

  • Can they be washed?

Yes, laundry instructions can be found in the mittens. Wash them with the wool program and shape them while wet, i.e., put the mittens on to allow them to shape themselves around your hands.

  • Do sizes differ between different mittens?
Sizes differ between different models because of the design. For example, suede in palm makes it feel smaller, and Lycksele designs are slightly tighter than others, due to a higher number of “threads”.

  • Do the mittens change in size?
Yes, all wool adapts to your hands after being used for a while out in the wind and weather. 

  • Are they made from Swedish wool?

No, our mittens, gloves, sweaters and more are made from what is known as “non-mulesed” merino wool. The quality of Swedish wool is still too variable and, therefore, is not suitable for use in our knitting machines.

Yes, in some designs, and also as mobile friendly gloves, but they are not as warm as mittens since your fingers don’t rub up against each other.

  • Do they prevent “white finger”?

Yes, in many cases, but it varies from individual to individual. So we always say no, so it will be a positive “surprise” if they work.

  • Does the pattern means anything?

Yes, every pattern has it is own story, you can read more about the designs on our "design stories" page.

  • Will wool keep you warm when it is damp?

Yes, wool absorbs a large part of its own weight, without feeling damp, and it produces heat even when it is damp.

  • Durability for wool mittens?

Wool is sensitive for all kind of "wear", so will you have a constant "wear"  thru dog leash, baby carriage, cycling etc. Please choose our wool mittens with suede in palm.